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An utility to process string operations. Just need to provide the text content.
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It supports:
  • Convert a string to lower case /li>
  • Convert a string to upper case
  • Convert a string to word case
  • Convert multi-line string to a single line.
  • Break a string to multi-line string.
  • Convert a string to sentense case.
  • Convert a string to represent by a java variable
String:(* Required): It is required. | .
Word / Phrase:                  Trim Space When Converting to Single Line

How It Works:
Receive the input from user. Tokennize the it. Trim each token and collect them in a list. process each toknen based on the user choice. Finally it concatenate all the tokens and return as output..
Pre Conditions:
  1. Non empty string
Steps To Execute:
  1. Add string content in the text area.
  2. select 'Trim Space When Converting to Single Line' check box of your converting a single line .
  3. Click on any of the button
User Comments:
What are the differences between the option "To Java Variable" and "To Java Variable With EQ" ?

Manisha Deb:
Simple but very useful utility!!!!! Thanks!

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