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XML Merger is used to merge two XML files online and its free! This tool has been built up to merge two XML documents considering each element and attribute name and value. Just need to provide the XML contents, it will merge the XMLs.
The XML merger supports XML namespaces fully. The declarations of XML namespace need to be explicit and on the root XML element level.if xml name space defined in other elements, it copied the namespace decleration at the root level and then compare in the documents.It supports default namespace also.

It compare elements and attributes from both the XMLs and merge them at the same level . It is the best online XML merger in the market!
Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

Using this tool you can do the following.
  1. Merge fully two XML Files
  2. Merge only attributes
  3. Merge only elements
It provides following options to compare.
  1. Sorting and merge
  2. Merge XML ignoring comments
  3. It merges based on XML structure comparasion.
XML1:(* Required): It is required.   XML2:(* Required ): It is required.
Remove Comments Sort XML Before Merge
Ignore This Specific Elements of XMl2    Ignore This Specific Attribute of XMl2
(Please add attribute / element name ';' separated )
Skip Common Attributes

How It Works:
User Comments:
anonymous (2022-04-16) :
Very good!

anonymousdd (2024-04-29) :
Thank you so much!

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