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How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimzation).
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This page demonstrate How to to do SEO (Search Engine Optimzation)..

People think SEO(search engine optimzation) is very hard and not worth it's effort. But it's not true. The basics of SEO are truely very simple. About 60% of any website's traffic source is search engine result. Its very important for you to learn SEO if you would like to run a website and generate revenue from it. If you follow the basic steps, your page / wbesite can make an entiry in the first page of google serch result.
What is SEO?
SEO is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It's a technique to organize your website and web pages so that search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo) rank your page and show your page URL on the search result when an user search for some information with some keyword or phrase. To rank higher in search engines result we do SEO.
Why we need to do SEO for our web site?
Every website would like to get more and more user irrespective of the nature of the site. User is the key. Now a days most of the user uses search engines( mainly google) to get the content they are looking for. Even they uses Google to reach the page though they know the name of the site. Search engine is the main source of the traffic of any website. So it's absolutely required to get your pages / site listed on the search result of search engines. More and more people will come to know about your site if its come in the 1st page of the search result.
Benefit of SEO:
Key benefits are:
  • More Organic Discovery & Organic Website Traffic
  • Free Traffic Source
  • Improves Credibility & Trust
  • Provides 24/7 Promotion without paying anything
  • Reaches entire target audience across geography
  • Optimizes User Experience
  • Higher ROI

How to do SEO?
Its a complex process and big thing. To bring your site in search ranking 1st position, takes lot of effort. But taking of few simple things, your website can be brought in to fist page of the search result. If the page is unique in nature, it can come to the 1st position with few minimum changes.
Here we will be mainly trageting mainly low hanging fruits. SEO Optimization steps are given below.
1. Unique Page Tile:
Every page needs to have a unique title. No two page should have common page title. Title should represent your page. You should give the title of your page keeping in mind which user query you are trying to answer in this page. We should target a phrase(a user query) and use that as title. Try to make the page title unique. To do the page title unique, if page title gets longer, that also fine. Page title carries near about 50% weightage in the search ranking. Its the most import part of the SEO. If your page title is unique and your page content support/represent the title, no need to bother about other parameters.
Example: "XML Utility Online" or "Free XML Utility" is better title than "XML Utility" as there will the thousands pages with XML Utility.
2. Meta Tag ()Description and Keywords) Html page meta tags are heavily used by the search engine to know about your pages before indexing it. So meta tag information are important for search engine optimization.
Use following meta tags on each of the pages of your website.
Meta Description: It should be long enough to describe your page and page content should support it.
Meta Keywords: Add the keywords here which are relevant to the page content.
Meta Tags are:
  &llt;meta charset="UTF-8">
  &llt;meta name="description" content="Long description of the page">
  &llt;meta name="keywords" content="Keywords which are relevant to the page content">
  &llt;meta name="robots" content="all">
 &llt;meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" >

For more information: 3. Heading Tag
In the page body it should have a heading tag (e.g.

) and it should content the page heading which gives the summary about the page. (similar to page title)
Example: &llt;h1> Java Code Generator For JSON Processing &llt;/h1> 4. Site Map and robots.txt
You should have a ads.txt and sitemap.xml file in the root directory of your website. Web crawlers uses this file to crawl the website.
Site Map:
5. Optimize page content
Content is the king. Have unique meaningful content for each page. Content size should be good enough to represent the page title, page heading and meta tags description. You should have compelling content that answers the user's query. Content objective should the user. But not the search engines.
6. Image Tag Alt Text Each image tag should have alt text. Search engine can not decode image. They use the alt attribute value of the IMG tag to know about the image and the page.
7. Mobile friendly pages.
Your website should be mobile friendly. Search engine especially Google give weightage to mobile friendly pages. All pages should be responsive and open in mobile
8.) Make your site Available 24*7 All search engines used robots to crawl the pages before indexing them. If website is not available when robots tries to access it, it will not able to index and it will not be rendered in any search result.
Make your site HTTPS enabled. so that people can trust it.
10. Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Register and submit your site to search engine. For google create an account and register your site at
11. Analyze your search performance and user behaviour.
Time to time login to the View serach performace report and user queries. It will help to analyze your search performance and user behaviour.
Note: SEO is not one time activity. Its a continuous process. It needs regular monitoring and refinement/enhancement.
When you did SEO for a page, you had something in mind for which search phrase this page should render in the top 5 list. You can do search with the same keyword / phrase after few days in Google. If your page is not coming in the top 5 list, you need to do a comparative analysis with the site(page) showing in top 5 and your page. Try to understand why your page could not make an entry in the top 5 list. Then refine/update your page content and other SEO specific attributes.
Finally content is the king! If content is unique, SEO task is very easy. Even if with some technique and artificially you able make your page ranked in top 5, it will not be able to sustain if content is not good(authoritative).
User Comments:
Satya Srinivas:
I thought of I won;t be able do SEO for my website.But after following the steps mentioned in this page, I able to rank my few of the pages of my site in google. Thank you very much!

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