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Java Features By Release Version
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This page demonstrate Java Features By Release number .

Here all the Java Versions anong with rleased features are given below:
JDK1.1 Release
  • JDBC
  • Inner Class
  • Remote Method Invocation(RMI)
  • Reflection API(Introspection only)
JDK1.2 Release
  • Collection Framework
  • Java String Memory Map for constants
  • Just Intime Compiler(JIT Compiler)
  • Java Signer for Signing jar files
  • Java Swing Classes (JFC), Java 2D classes
  • Java Plug-in
  • JDBC Enhanancement(Scrollable ResultSet, Clob, Blob, BatchUpdate)
  • Audio support in Applet
JDK1.3 Release
  • Java Sound
  • Jar Indexing
JDK1.4 Release
  • XML Processing
  • Login Api (commons login)
  • JDBC3.0
  • Assertion
  • Preference API
  • Java Plug-in
  • Chained Exception
  • IPV6 Support
  • Regular Expression
  • Image IO (Buffered Image class)
  • IPV6 Support
JDK1.5 Release
  • Generics
  • Enhanced For Loop
  • Auito Boxing / Unboxing
  • Type Safe Enum
  • Variable arguments (Var args)
  • Static import
  • Annotation (meta data)
  • Instrumentation
JDK1.6 Release
  • JDBC 4.0
  • Java Compiler API
  • Scripting language support
  • Pluggable Annotation
  • Native PKI, LDAP support
  • Integrated webservices
  • Lotmore enhanancement
JDK1.7 Release
  • String support on case statement
  • Type inferance for generic instance creation
  • Multiple exception Handing
  • Support for dynamic languages
  • Try with resources
  • Diamond Syntax
  • Automatic Null Handing
  • Binary Literals
  • Support of runderscore in literal
JDK1.8 Release
  • Lamda Expression
  • Pipelines and Streams
  • Date and Time API. time package
  • Default methods (Default method in interface)
  • Type Annotation
  • Nashhorn JavaScript Engine
  • Concurrent Accumulators
  • Parallel Operation
  • Permgen error removed
JDK1.9 Release
  • New HTTP (2.0) Client
  • @SafeVarargs Annotation
  • Enhanced Method Handles
  • New Version-String Scheme
  • Мulti-Resolution Image API
  • JShell: The Java Shell (REPL)
  • Immutable Set
  • Filter Incoming Serialization Data
  • Stream API Improvement
  • Installer Enhancement for Microsoft windows and many more
  • Process API improvement
  • Javadoc Search
  • Enhancemnet on Try-With-Resources
  • Interface Private Method
  • Indify String Concatenation
  • Unified JVM Logging
  • Platform Module System (Project Jigsaw)]
  • Compact Strings
  • Optional to Stream
  • Collection Factory Methods
  • GC (Garbage Collector) Improvements
  • Stack-Walking API
  • Deprecate the Applet API
  • Parser API for Nashorn
JDK1.10 Release
  • Unmodifiable Collections
  • copyOf() mehtod for map and Set
  • Optional*.orElseThrow()
  • Performance Improvements
  • Container Awareness
  • javah command line tool removed.
  • Local-Variable Type Inference
  • Garbage-Collector Interface
  • Open JDK will be releaesd every 6 months.
JDK1.11 Release
  • isBlank, lines, strip, stripLeading, stripTrailing, and repeat method in String class
  • New readString and writeString methods fin the file class.
  • The java.util.Collection interface contains a new default toArray method
  • Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda
  • class-file format is extended to support a new constant-pool form named CONSTANT_Dynamic.
  • Java Flight Recorder (JFR) is now open-source in Open JDK, whereas it used to be a commercial product in Oracle JDK. JFR is a profiling tool .
  • The Not Predicate Method
  • The new HTTP client was introduced in Java 9. It has now become a standard feature in Java 11.
  • New garbage collector Epsilon is available for use in Java 11
  • Don't need to compile the Java source files with javac explicitly
JDK1.12 Release
  • transform and indent method in String class
JDK1.13 Release
  • The important preview feature is text blocks for multi-line Strings such as embedded JSON, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Class data sharing (CDS) has been a important feature of Java HotSpot VM for a while now. It allows class metadata to be shared across different JVMs to reduce startup time and memory footprint. JDK 10
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